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Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/UsernameAmelie
Favorite Number?14
Favorite Color?dark green
How will you commit suicide?You will set your house on fire and sit alone in the corner as the flames consume you
How many tries will it take?7
When will you commit suicide?February 9, 2034
What will your suicide note say?Fuck All of You!



You make me smile because... by xLiL PreP1x
Your Laugh ....Is envied by many
Your Smile ...Brightens up my day
Your eyes ...Twinkle in the moonlight
Your scent is....Exotic
Your lips are...Beautiful
Your hair ....Shines with a perfect balance
Your friendship ....Is the greatest
Your hug ...Makes me feel safe
Your kiss ...Is delicous
Your love ....Inspiring
You .....radiate beauty!







You make me smile because... by xLiL PreP1x
Your Laugh ....Is amazing
Your Smile ...Is inspired
Your eyes ...Are mysterious
Your scent is....Too cute
Your lips are...Perfect
Your hair ....Is the best
Your friendship ....Is Wonderful
Your hug ...Makes me feel safe
Your kiss ...Is delicous
Your love ....Outta this world!
You .....radiate beauty!



Sven jetzt sieht man mal wie toll du bist^^



Does He/She Really Love You? by selfreflection
Your name:Amelie
His/Her name:Sven
Your answer...Hell no, y'all will break up soon.




wusste ich doch ^^ desswegen ist es ja so schön


What is your emo band name? by spiralinghalo
Your band name is:Sunken Solitude
You sound like:Senses Fail
You will be signed to:Dying Wish Records
Your emo lyrics are:"My hand is a mirror of all of my broken hearts"


klingt doch geil für ne band^^


http://www.memegen.net/viewmeme.pl" method="post">
What will your emo band be like? by finchmeplease
What is your name?Amelie
Your band name will beKiller Hampsters
Your roleBass and Vocals
You will be signed toDrive-Thru Records
Your hit song will be"Kill Yourself, Or I Will"
You sound likeCKY
You will die ofEcstasy Overdose
What is your favorite band?HIM

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